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About  24-7 Mindset Book

The 24-7 mindset is a step by step guide on how I built a mortgage lending business that makes income 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, while only working 24 hrs a week and 7 months a year! With mastering this mindset, you can double your income and double your time off. My goal is to show you a proven roadmap of how to build human leverage to help you with getting your time back, how to build technology leverage to automate your tasks, and how to build systems to scale your mortgage business. I will be able to teach you how to look through the lenses of how I do it, how WE do it, and how THEY do it to help double your income and double your time off!

Grow a Mortgage business to make money 24 hrs a day
Leverage your time with humans, technology, and systems to double your time off
Learn how the best do it from one of the best in the business

Wally Elibiary's story

As a mortgage professional for over 23+ years, Wally has gone through massive growth and success with his business. Starting as a $40 million producing loan officer by his self, Wally realized that he needed to utilize a team and perfect his systems in order to scale. Over time he was able to increase his mortgage business to produce consistently $200 million in closed loans!

Wally Elibiary's background

Wally has come from humble beginnings and has worked extremely hard to obtain the level of success that he enjoys today. Wally is accompanied by his beautiful wife Niki, and two fantastic boys Alex and Brayden. Family is one of the biggest motivators for Wally to obtain his goals, and the support they provide him have made him into the man he is today!

What is a 24-7 Mindset

Double Your Income

Double your income while also doubling your time off by utilizing humans, systems, and technology

Move Fast

Get more done in 24 hours a week than you thought possible in a 40 hour work week


Learn how to create systems that focus on growing your business the fastest way possible

Thrive for results

Create trackable metrics and attainable goals to make sure that you reach your desired results

Learn from Experience

Take the fear of making mistakes along the way out of the question and learn from the mistakes that I made along the way to jumpstart your business

24-7 Mindset

Follow the book and the steps involved to have the 24-7 mindset and win back your time, grow your income, and live the way that you want


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